Our Community - Alfonso Castillo - "A man of Interest in San Pedro"

Mr. Alfonso Castillo of Belize Bank

"The Action Bank" clearly describes the Belize Bank, one of San Pedro's leading banking services and who better to head the branch in San Pedro than a man of "action" himself, Mr. Alfonso Castillo.

He was born in the southern part of Belize, Pomona Valley, Stann Creek to be exact. Mr. Castillo attended Stann Creek Ecumenical High School and graduated in 1976. Following high school he enrolled at Belize Technical College Sixth Form graduating with an Associates Degree in Sciences in June 1978. After graduation, he sought employment with the Royal Bank of Canada. Mr. Castillo ascended various steps on the ladder that included data processing clerk, cashier/currency custodian and discount clerk.

Alfonso Castillo married Ms. Elida Eck from Belize City in 1980. Together they have three daughters Liliana (17), a student of St. John's College Sixth Form, Candice (14), a student at Palotti High School and Krystle (12), a Standard VI student at San Pedro R.C. School.

In 1983 he took a correspondence course in banking from the Institute of Canadian Bankers. On May 1st, 1987 the Royal Bank of Canada was succeeded by The Belize Bank. Mr. Castillo stayed with the company and continued his ascent. In 1989 he held the post of Branch Administration Officer in Belmopan and in 1990 became the manager at the Airport Branch of the Belize Bank. One of Mr. Castillo's biggest accomplishments occurred in 1991 when he opened and managed the Belize Bank branch in Punta Gorda. He stayed there until 1995 when he was transferred to his present position in San Pedro.

In San Pedro, as in other places where he has served, Mr. Castillo has performed with that unique quality of professionalism that he possesses. In addition, he has made time from his busy schedule to be involved in community functions and activities. In the past he has given educational talks to the students of St. Peter's College and has made contributions to various organizations in San Pedro on behalf of the Belize Bank. The Belize Bank recently donated a monitor to the San Pedro R.C. School, helped in the renovation of the Standard VI class, became a sponsor of the Costa Maya Festival, aided the Town Board for Mother's Day and other programs, assisted Green Reef, Ambergris Museum, football teams, the SPTGA with mooring buoys and also the San Pedro Crime Committee. Mr. Castillo, speaking on behalf of the Belize Bank, feels strongly about supporting worthy organizations in the community for the betterment of everyone and our surroundings.

Mr. Castillo's success can also be linked to the Belize Bank's Mission Statement that he follows closely. It reads " The mission of the organization is to position itself as the bank of choice for businesses and individuals in Belize. By being responsive to our marketplace and employing skilled human resources and current technology, we will address the problems and needs of our customers through the profitable delivery of a broad and convenient range of banking and other financial services." In June of last year he also attended a two week program in Kingston, Jamaica at The Jamaica Institute of Bankers.

"It took me a little while to get adjusted to the society here. It is more sophisticated than in Punta Gorda. It took me at least one year to feel comfortable," Castillo said. "The growth in San Pedro is tremendous. All our areas have grown over the past four years due to the tourist industry. The locals and foreigners are gearing up to meet the demands for the growth in tourism." When asked about plans for the future, Mr. Castillo mentioned that there are plans for an ATM machine on the island and the expansion of the premises. And when questioned if he foresees himself staying on the island for a long period, he commented, "It all depends on the head office. I feel that after five years, I am ready for a new challenge. They place their human resources where they think they can best utilize them."

When Mr. Castillo makes spare time he enjoys fishing, unfortunately it is something he seldom does. "Living in San Pedro was like a dream come true. The sun energizes you; the contact with nature is great," added Mr. Castillo. In closing he said, "I would like to thank the community for the support they have pledged towards the Belize Bank over the years. I promise to deliver excellent banking services. Our customer is always first."

When it comes to professionalism and quality service, Mr. Castillo's twenty years of banking experience immediately comes to mind. Our community feels secure knowing that a man of his status is watching over the best INTEREST of all his customers.

Our Community - Alfonso Castillo - "A man of Interest in San Pedro"

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