Memorial Day Service held

Belizean and United States veterans, spouses, family members and friends united Monday to commemorate the many brave souls who have fought and died for our freedom. An official Memorial Day service was conducted Monday at San Pedro Cemetery organized by Jim Diehl, a U.S. Navy veteran.

In his tribute, Mr. Diehl spoke of those "who proudly served and gave their minds, their hearts and their lives in the protection of the Free World". He added veterans have a unique ability that comes from the understanding of the word "honor". He continued by remembering the veterans who chose San Pedro as their home and are laid to rest here. The four are Mr. Regis Carrol, Mr. Peter Hancock (Master Sergeant, U.S. 8th Army Air Corp), Mr. Edwin P. Astle (U.S. State Department Aide), and Mr. William G. Taylor, (Senior Chief Petty Officer, U.S. Navy). He ended by saluting those who died and stating that "our hearts are with you and you are not forgotten".

Taps was performed as many looked on at the flag-draped graves. Mr. John Greif, Sr. read his own memorial in honor of the sixteen million who laid down their lives so that we may breathe the "sweet air of freedom". Along with Mr. Diehl's question of why we have a Memorial Day, Mr. Greif asked his own, "How can we honor their sacrifice?" He answered, "By giving respect and support to the warriors of today and tomorrow who's job it is to guarantee our continued freedom."

Memorial Day Service held

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