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San Pedro - you're BEAUTIFUL! The color tour is back in progress ..... trya little jaunt down Front Street - have you seen the new Traffic Jam'sbrilliant colors and those great three-dimensional fish? Toucan shops arealways delightful with their murals - the bird with dreadlocks is such afun picture. The murals on the Sand Castle gift shop are tribute to thetreasures of Belize as well. Take a good look at Rubie's Cafe ..... insideis a playful and surprising color scheme - and what a great teapot sitsover the front door. There is a special Mayan guard welcoming you into yetanother shop on front street...... drop in and see what he's protecting.If you haven't been inside SeaGal lately - go take a look at the mosaicfloor - it's amazing. The look at Jungle Feva is definitely atmosphericinside and out. If you look down the block in front of the Primary Schoolyou will see a fresh new look for the library, the signature peach color ofIguana Jack's and the wild pink of Sunrise/Tropical Lands. The PrimarySchool is looking smart with fresh green trim - it must be nicer for thekids to go to school when things are pretty.

And speaking of pretty colors at school - the Island Academy looks likethebest of Crayola! Moms must love taking their children to LIFE school....... the pastel stripes say "FUN".......which is what learning can andshould be for our youth. Have you noticed Del Mar cabins? What greatCaribbean flavor those colors add to a drive through town! Travel on downthe road ...... don't miss the wonderful lavender tones on Changes InLatitudes! I've talked before about the purple Victorian house, but it'sso special it always deserves mention. The home of the San Pedro Sun - theformer Seychelles guest house - a true blue if there ever was one. If youtake a peek at Coconuts Hotel from the beach side you will notice a "hintof mint" in the new light green trim - little bits of color brighten thisfamiliar place. You'll never miss Rock's with that marvelous purpleoutline and the coral pastels of El Patio are both inviting and romantic.Don't stop - take a minute to enjoy the lovely and colorful art that adornsthe wall of La Margarita restaurant - makes you want to wander in for alittle taste of something spicy.

San Pedro - you are artistic and lovely. Keep it up and perhaps one dayour colorful town will rival the wonders under the sea for beauty. Nexttime I write I guess I'll have to "get serious" - money, interest rates,title insurance or something ..... but seriously, never forget that beautyand color do wonderful things for our town, so pay attention and jump onthe COLOR UP bandwagon!

Thanks for reading ...... Diane Campbell

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Real Estate Corner - More local color

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