Reencuentro Carnavaleño - Carnaval '99 to begin

Comparsas of thirty years ago reunite for Carnaval '99

That long awaited time for many people is only three days away. San Pedro will celebrate Carnaval on February 14th, 15th and 16th. Carnaval has been enjoyed many years, since our ancestors can remember. The three day festival has been celebrated in a wide variety of ways. Face and body painting are one of the ways, but originally it was mostly celebrated with comparsas. A comparsa would consist of a group of young girls and boy's depicting a specific ethnic group, would dance from house to house for a small fee that would be donated for a charitable cause. Throughout the years the amounts of comparsas have decreased immensely.

In an effort to keep the tradition alive, members and friends of the San Pedro Lions Club will feature a special event this year, "Reencuentro Carnavaleño." Members and friends of the club will come out in full force during the three days of carnaval, bringing the comparsas back to life. Participants who have danced in comparsas approximately thirty years ago, will reunite to entertain the public. A list of the confirmed dancers are: Nita Marin, Junior Heredia, Emerita Muñoz, Edilberto Marin, Flora Ancona, Ruben Gonzalez, Maria Graniel, Carmen Eiley, Carmelita Heredia, Made Graniel, Rosario Guerrero and Yolanda Ayuso. As in the past, the Lions Comparsa will depict one of the ethnic groups or a person from a certain nationality like cubanitos, negritos, inditos, or others. The group will surprise you those three days. Lions Severo and Ramon Guerrero along with other members will provide the festive music fit for the occasion.

The San Pedro Lions Club looks forward to these three days and wishes everyone a safe and enjoyable Carnaval.

Reencuentro Carnavaleño - Carnaval '99 to begin

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