Facts on Labour

The Labour Department issues a booklet entitled LABOUR AND YOU which serves as a guide to employers and employees alike. It provides briefs on trade union, personnel management, policies, security of workers, management responsibilities including the collective bargain process and grievance and disciplinary procedures.

A minimum Wage Law is now in force - $2.25 per hour for Manual Workers and $2.00 per hour for workers in the Agricultural Sector, Agro-Industries and Export Base Industries.

First two weeks of employment is the probation period.

With regard to the betterment of industrial relations and generally all labour matters, all enquiries must be directed to the Labour Commissioner who will instruct or authorize a Labour Officer to receive and investigate all representations whether of employees or of workers made to him concerning any business, trade, occupation or employment with a view to the settlement of an conciliation of disputes and grievances especially regarding hours and conditions of work and regulations of wages.


1. Trainee Technicians

BZ $ l8.54 - BZ $17l.22 (weekly)

2. Building

Carpenters, Masons, Plumbers, Steel Benders, Painters and Electricians.

BZ $.15 - BZ $3.96 (hourly)

3. Mechanical

Mechanics, Machinists, Electricians, Welders and Spray Painters.

BZ $.06 - BZ $4.82 (hourly)

4. Termination Notice of payment in lieu are as follows:

Length of Employment/Termination Notices

2 weeks - 6 months
3 days notice or payment in lieu

6 months - l year

l week notice or payment in lieu

l year - 2 years

2 weeks notice or payment in lieu

5. Sick Leave

Workers are entitled to l 6 days sick leave at their basic rate of pay providing they worked an aggregate period of not less than 60 days within l 2 months.

6. Vacation Leave

Workers are entitled to 2 working weeks vacation annually.

7. Statutory Deductions

PAYE and Social Security


Application forms for work permits are available at any Labour Department office free of cost and/or at the Angelus Press Limited for a small fee.

There are two types of forms - one for self employment, the other for hiring a foreign worker.

The application process takes approximately three (3) weeks. Although the Ministry of Labour processes and approves the issuing of work permits, the permit is issued by the Immigration Department - the fee can range anywhere from $100.00 to $600.00 depending on the level of skill. Two recent passport size pictures endorsed by the applicant must accompany the application.

In the case of an investor he must present his passport, have three passport size pictures, substantive proof of his ability to sustain himself without infringing on the country's limited economic resources. Bank statements or other proof of financial independence are also required.

The 'life' of a work permit ranges from three months to one year and is subject to renewal.

PHONE: (501) 8-22323, (02) 44907.

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