Facts on Social Security

In general, any employment in Belize under a contract of service or apprenticeship, written or oral is
insurable employment.

This includes employment with the Government and all statutory bodies, employment with a company or firm or by an individual, and employment on board vessels and aircraft of which the owner resides or has his principal place of business in Belize.

The employer MUST ensure that every person over fourteen (14) years employed in insurable employment must register as an insured person.

When a person is registered as an insured person, the Social Security Board will issue to him/her a " Social Security Registration Card ". The registration Card will show that person's Social Security Number, which he/she must use as reference on all correspondence, claims, etc. when dealing with the board.

Both the employer and the employee MUST CONTRIBUTE to the scheme. The employer is liable to pay to the Social Security Board his own share of contribution and the share of his employee. He must deduct the employee's share of the contributions from the employee's wages. For persons sixty-five years of age and over the contribution is $2.60 per week paid solely by the employer. It covers the employee for Employment Injury only.

Weekly Contribution Payment By Employed Person and Employer.

The employer must submit a monthly statement together with contribution payments by the fourteenth of the following month in which they become due. The monthly statements should show the names of the employees, their Social Security numbers and the rates of contributions paid.

                                                    Weekly Contributions
      Employer         Employees       Total
Under $40.00 $25.00 $1.63 $0.12


$40.00 - $69.00 $55.00 $3.30 $0.55


$70.00 - $109 00 $90.00 $5.40 $0.90


$110 and over $130.00 $7.10 $1.30


Source: Belize Social Security Board

PHONE: (501) 8-22163, 22513

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