Blue Reef is absolutely beautiful. The units are very well appointed along with a very uniquely designed pool and secluded beaches.

The area, about 8 miles north of San Pedro Town, is one of my favorits parts of Ambergris Caye. Mexico Rocks and Basil Jones (best in snorkeling) are close by. Since it is several miles from town, you will enjoy much of it on your own. The birds and wildlife up on the north side can not be enjoyed closer to town. The farther you get from town, the more you will experience the more natural side of Ambergris. Bacal Chico Nature and Marine Reserves are incredible.

It not the kind of place that will offer a variety of bars, shops and restaurants within walking distance. Although Costa Maya is a twenty minute walk which may offer you a little change of pace. If you don't like boats - you may want to reconsider your options.

For a secluded honeymoon - great choice. I would suggest spending at least one night (all you really need) in San Pedro and arranging for a late boat ride back up the beach. Something about taking a water taxi to your resort is kinda sexy.

Have a great honeymoon on Ambergris Caye!


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