Armando Graniel - excellent builder

Daniel Camal - excellent builder * built my home - on time and on budget - 8 months for 4,000 sq ft 2 storey house approx. $80 US per sq ft.

Medina's contruction - excellent builders.

As with everything in life - you do get what you pay for. If you shop around for the great deals you will have to spend a lot more "hands on" to ensure the job is going to specs.

Others to consider, Luis Cabral, Oscar Rivera, Jim Hanna * built a large addition on one house for me and recently completed my pool deck and cabana. Approx $80 US sq ft about 2 months. On time on budget.

Most of the good builders will be busy and you might have to wait a little while (a few months) before they can get to starting your job.