I won't bore you or stick you with too many of these stories, but there is another San Pedrono that got his current nick name thanks to conch. He is from the Perez family. You "new-comers" probaly know him as PP. Those of us who knew him years ago refered to him as Splint Perez. Splint did his time in the BDF (Belize Defense Force) as a medical corpsman where he developed his skills, one of his better being putting splints on broken bones. That is how I mistakingly thought he got the nick name
"Splint" until one of his former girlfriends informed me that he was born with the dreaded erectile disfunctional desease. Not having Viagra available at that time, Splint used his ingenutiy and put his medical training to good use. Well after his stint in the BDF, he began to look for work and ended up being a fisherman primarly fishing for conch. After his first 6 months of conch fishing, his fellow fisherman began calling him PP. Having the advantage of a Belize education, they drew on their Latin mythology and re-named Splint Priapus Perez or PP for short. Now for those of you educated in the US public school system, if you do not get this, look up the Greek God Priapus in the dictionary.