I have been to Bequia but unfortunately can't tell ya much about it. It was 10 years ago while on a 13 day Windjammer barefoot cruise (which was fabulously fun). We were there for the day, I got off the ship after I woke up (afternoon) and other shipmates fed me drinks & shots of Everclear (pure grain alcohol). I stumbled back to the pier to await the launch back to the ship but instead dove off the pier fully clothed & decided I could swim back to the ship (NOT). They dragged me out of the water & back on the pier until the launch arrived after convincing me the launch would not see me & could run over me. Once safely in the launch where they knew where I was I still tried to jump out & swim. Took a few large crew members to keep me onboard to the ship which once onboard I passed out. :rolleyes: laugh