Let me see....China, the country with by far the most cases of SARS, and India, curiously a country with hardly any, (but both on Belize's "banned" list) have a combined population of about 2.3 Billion. Belize has about 300,000. Worldwide there have been a little less (as of 1 hour ago) than 5000 cases of SARS. About 6% have died. Using those same proportions, Belize would have to have just 0.8 of a case of SARS to be as infected as China and India combined even giving them "credit" for every worldwide case of the disease.

So, by the Government of Belize's strange and wobbly accounting standards, if Belize gets its first FULL case of SARS - rather than our imaginary fraction of a case - stand by for ALL other countries to ban travel to Belize because we will then be the most infected country on the planet based on population and infected percentage.

My take on SARS: there have been MUCH worse Flu epidemics than this....outbreaks that have killed tens of thousands. Yes, SARS a nasty thing, but the level of panic is outrageous when one considers that during the period that SARS has claimed its approximately 300 fatalities (mostly the old and frail) THOUSANDS worldwise will have died from AIDS, tobacco, drugs, heart disease, cancer, motor vehicle accidents etc. etc, and MANY of those will have been young people who thought their whole lives were ahead of them.

You don't see the WHO or Government of Belize telling people they shouldn't drive, do you?

Come to think of it, we are used to "strange and wobbly" accounting from our elected officials here in Belize!