I have followed your endeavours in Belize with much interest and admiration for your ability to succeed in everything you try. I have read many an article written by you as guidance for the tyro who enters the world of Belize business and especially real estate investment. In other words I am an admirer and that is why I am going to try to answer the problem with the way the "ban" was instituted.

Thank you for pointing out the visa issue, but I was totally aware that it did not involve every one in Canada, not Canadian citizens, but landed immigrants living in Canada. What irritates every Canadian who read that original ban is that RF banned any Canadian who was a landed immigrant and would have originally come from a country which required a visa, and lived anywhere in Canada.

What in heavens name would he ban visas for landed immigrants who live in Edmonton, Winnepeg, Calgary, Vancouver, Halifax, Montreal, Regina, Inuvik, etc., when there was no mention of anywhere in Canada by the WHO advisory other than the City of Toronto.

In any case, the security and health checks that were instituted at Toronto International Airport were so severe that anyone with even the slightest chance of showing any symptom of the SARS disease was stopped dead in his tracks and refused boarding of any aircraft.

I'm afraid Diane, that it was not well thought out and may cause a great many Canadians to review their travel plans because it was poorly thought out.