Spent a few days on the island and what a beautiful island it is. We stayed at the Treetops and Doris Creasy was very gracious and a wonderful host. She does run a tight ship, but a spotless hotel. She has many special touches you won't find in most rooms, her decorating is excellent. The one negative was that we were behind a stand of palms and not right on the beach but just a stones throw away. I do like to sit on a balcony and look out over the water.

The Auxilou apartments are right on the water and are perfectly situated. I loved the colors and it too sparkled with cleanliness.Big cudos to our board hosts.

We did find the prices higher than we are accustomed too in Mexico. A beer is $3 bucks and up and most restaraunt meals were also pricier. Everyone we talked to was very friendly. The water is crystal clear and colors to dazzle the eyes.The sun is a little more intense. Did I say it was a beautiful island?

The biggest eyesore is at the Split around the Lazy Lizard a little cleaning up of trash would be nice.