The road from the bridge north is only a 'right of way' deeded by subdivisions and BEL access--from what I can gather.
Here is MY list of the worst non-civic minded land owners to date...
#1 of course is our Reef Village People who will not only not repair the road in front of there own jobsite, but make there workers wallow in the same muck.(They have access to $1 million worth of equipment, any of which could repair the road in an hour. Heaven help the Skydivers when they arrive. I understand after this year they will not return. Way to go Jeff!!

#2 The mudbogs in front of Sweet Basil. they are easy to recognize as they usually have 2 or 3 tourist stuck in them. Oh, The Reef Village Bunch own that too.
See #1

#3 is The Rocket Scientist in Tres Cocos that decided that strategically placing 3" ropes between the mud holes would ultimately slow us down to an acceptable speed.

#4 is the unavoidable holes just before the Palapa Apt.'s
Come on Juanito--A little help here!!!!!

# 5 is the contractor who is doing the Grand Caribe project. Oops again, Thats the same one doing Reef Village so bitching at them won't help. At least they could park the brand new Caterpillar Loader so we can't see it as we trash our rides going by. See #1 again.

# 6 is the perpetual mess behind El Pescador. In the 14 years I have been on this island their mud bog was always the most fun on a dirt bike.

Thanks to Chris Barenfinger for constantly trying to improve his stretch of road even if his neighbor goes out of his way to defy his good wishes.
Bob Bjorlene is a crabby old fart but he tends to the road in his domain against huge odds from the west.

I want more input from the folks who live past El Pescador---
Jim Hanna
P.S. I am not whining--my back hurts and I am pissed about the $1,500 bucks to get my cart fixed.