We might want to consider doing our dirty laundry in a different venue. It can have a negative impact on an otherwise positive experience, as seen below.

San Pedro Daily

Having just returned from San Pedro, I would like to comment on our experience there. Before we arrived, we had concerns over the road situation. Yes, there is a problem with pot holes but that shouldn't keep anyone from coming. In fact, the ride from the airport to our hotel was an experience to remember - joyfully. And the people were so friendly that twice while walking we were offered a ride past the wettest portions of the road. We saw no crime, no spitting (as someone commented), no agressive venders and amazingly no auto/cart/bicycle accidents. What a friendly place where passing strangers, old and young alike, say hello or good morning to you. We enjoyed the water and sealife, the restaurants and bars, the warm weather even when it rains, and the friends we made there. Overall, we had an excellent experience and plan to return soon.
Ashley and Jeri
Sacramento, California