Actually most of the fruit and vegetables available here taste better than that grown where I moved from. Here everything is sold to eat right away - not to be shipped and stored for long periods of time. My adult daughter who would never eat cooked carrots fell in love with the ones I cook here. We call them ugly carrots as they are not grown to be pretty but to be good and good for you. After several trips here she said she could no longer eat the regular stuff sold in supermarkets and shops for the locally grown organic things available in her area.

No, you will not find a lot of food available year round Ė only in season. I can hardly wait until June when the Mangos come ripe. I saw a golf cart full of locals eating corn on the cob yesterday and I have to get me some!

If you come here and only eat what you did at home you are missing a lot. By the same token stew chicken rice and beans everyday is also short changing yourself.

I donít see this move against imports much different that how the US regulates goods and subsidizes farmers.
Enough said?

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