Again Natalie.....NEED has NOTHING to do with granting of licensure.

The example I gave represents that. There is no anestesiologist on the island and there is certainly a NEED for one but the one that has lived on the island for six years or more still has no license.

I don't think "all" the other doctors on the island routinely deliver babies or offer prenatal care. I may be wrong as I've only met with Dr. Dan but I get the impression he is the only one that routinely does. I also met with his midwife and she told me she was "semi-retired" but she seemed to work more now than before. You may have been who I met at Dr. Dan's????? I'm sorry I'm so bad with remembering people's names.

I practice OB and a general practice similar to Dr. Dan but I see more pediatrics than he does. Most of my practice is OB and pediatric.

Here's a link to my web site.

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