It's gone quiet because this is a big holiday weekend. People are busy relaxing, partying, traveling etc.

Haven't heard about the water taxi's being shut down.

I don't recall internation flights being shut down to prevent the spread of flu either.

People still have to travel so I doubt they will shut down the water taxi over the flu.

Some of my family just got over the swine flu (in the UK) it is pretty rampant over there as well as active in most of the western world - I am still surprised it took so long for us to get confirmed cases considering how close we are to the epicenter of infection.

I can imagine you are quite anxious to know what is going on because you will be visiting soon.

The island hasn't been "quarantined" so all I can suggest is keeping an eye on the news for now.

I hate flu season - every year - and this one is worse than those in the past. It is awful getting sick and to think that people can die from the flu is a terrible and sobering thought.