On another thread there were a couple of member complaints about deleted threads. This forum is invaluable to so many of us. The information, news, topics, general conversation are so helpful in trying to keep tabs from afar. MOST of us realize the HUGE thankless task it is to moderate and monitor a forum.

Censorship? I don't believe, for a moment, that crime is a "forbidden" topic. There have been too many threads about break ins robberies and murders for that theory to hold ANY water. Heck, within the last 30 days there was the surveillance photo of the thief in the Los Encantos area.

I am guessing that the reason that the posts in question were deleted had nothing to do with the factual report. As an example: if I report a break in at my unit and then go on to complain that the managers and owners of ABCDEFG Condominiums are crooks, and a bunch of ###**** and that the owner's brother Harry was probably the thief, the post would be "gone in 60 seconds"..

The idea of having a sub section for reports of thefts and stolen items is fine;: there are better ways to propose the idea.
I'll end this post with a BIG thank you Marty.

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