She's near-hurricane Chantal again, and it's going to be a game of
inches whether she can earn the accolade before land snags her.

Pressure's down to 1001 millibars, rather abruptly for this storm. Max
sustained winds near 70 -- 'bout 74 plus makes it a hurricane.

No other changes in the specs at 6 PM Belize time. Still
west-northwest at 14, tides same, extension of tropical storm force
winds 200 miles north and east, less elsewhere; FIVE TO EIGHT inches
of rain along the path and to the north of it. That's the hurter in
this storm.

Chantal gets a little boost the weatherfolks don't acknowledge -- a
last sip of hot water in the Bay of Chetumal. She may just make it,
whether she gets credit or not. If so, she won't stay a hurricane
long -- at least not this side of the Yucatan.

Nastily, pounding us at night - - - harridan!

John Lankford