A Fundraising Event

1 Fundraiser, supporting 3 successful social programs.

The Fundraiser

Date: Thursday, December 01, 2005
Time: 6:30 pm – 11 pm
Location: Biltmore Plaza Hotel, Ballroom
Price: $75.00 per person pre paid, $85.00 at the door

Featuring: Premier showing of the “Belize2K2” documentary of Belize’s first expedition to the Glacier slopes of K2, the worlds most dangerous mountain. Filmed on location in Northern Pakistan, edited and narrated by Lynwen Griffiths.

And so much more:
Cocktail reception with full bar and Gourmet Lebanese Hor D’Oeurves by Chef Roger Beaino, live entertainment by Jazz Trio Frankie, Dianne and Carlos, over 50 raffle prize draws and a floor auction of over 25 significant products and services. Do all your Christmas shopping this night.

And for the Ladies:
Select Caves Branch guides have offered to have themselves auctioned off for a day to help in any domestic duties around the house that the ladies might seem appropriate ..

The Programs

1. The B.AD. C.A.T.s “ Youth at Learning Risk” program.

What better way to empower a new generation of youth growing up in poverty and without education than a program designed to encourage them to stay in school by mentoring, tutoring and unique life experiences for them to grow into, building greater self esteem and self confidence?

This is exactly what the B.AD. C.A.T.s program has created. By using unique real life adventure experiences as the carrot to grab the childs attention, then set up educational and personal behavioral goals for them to meet, the B.AD. C.A.T.s program had a 92 % success rate last year in keeping “youth at learning risk” at school, improving study habits, improving social interaction, improving behavior, improving attendance at school, improving grades and finally GRADUATING with greater self confidence with a higher self esteem !

Just as importantly, every BAD CAT went back to school this year with a whole new, positive outlook on life, committed to graduate this year!

This year, the BAD CATs program is expanding its mentorship to over 100 underprivileged “youth at learning risk”.
The BAD CATs program is a “not for profit” organization working with select schools throughout Belize and recognized by the Ministry of Education and is, at this time, working hand in hand with the Belmopan Comprehensive High School.

With a 92 % success rate of graduating “Youth at learning Risk”, BAD CATs is the most successful “youth at learning risk” program in the country, but we need your financial assistance in keeping it moving forward.

Empower our youth through continuing education.

2. D.A.R.R.T. The Belize Disaster and Rescue Response Team

The Belize Disaster and Rescue Response Team is a completely volunteer rescue response team that has been training for the past 10 years. This team has provided invaluable response during Belize’s last three hurricanes to thousands of effected families. DARRTs most recent hurricane deployed was to Mexico in an effort to assist our neighbors in need during Hurricane Emily. In addition, DARRT has been called upon to mount a number of search and rescues and rescues for both Belizeans and foreigners alike, as well as providing full medical and rescue coverage of La Ruta Maya Races. Please remember, this is a “not for profit / volunteer” based organization.

The Belize Disaster and Rescue Response Team, although completely volunteer based, does have expenses to meet in order to continue providing these important services to Belize which are not provided by any other organization or government recourses. Help us to keep these services available to Belize.

A special note of Sympathy: After a 19 hour search and rescue effort to locate and rescue those lost in the flight to the Mountain Pine Ridge, the hearts of all members of DARRT are with the families of those who perished on November 18th. .

3. Belize2K2, 2006

Plans are already in the making for the Belize2K2 expedition for 2006. This year we will be selecting up to 3 more Belizeans to participate on a similar expedition as was participated on by Belize’s first to the Glacier Slopes of K2, Walter Santos. As with Walter, the aim of having Belizeans participate on these type of International Expeditions, is to further their life skills experience, hone their medical and rescue skill in order to server Belize in the future, to participate in an exchange of culture and technology, positively present Belize to the world and return to Belize providing inspirational and motivational leadership to our youth. In just the 3 short months since Walter Santo’s arrival back to Belize, he has already made a significant positive impact on many youth groups and school class’ by giving motivational talks. Assist the Belize2K2 expeditions in building this group of socially responsible mentors to our youth and to our society.

Thanking you in advance for supporting our December 01 Benefit Fundraiser for these programs and sharing with us a great night of entertainment, food, drink, door prizes, raffles and auction items and most importantly.. A lot of fun among good friends to support 3 valuable services to our society.

We invite you to organize your own group of supporters to come spend the night of December 01 with us at the Ballroom of the Biltmore Hotel, knowing you will be supporting 3 outstanding organizations.

Special gratitude goes to the Biltmore Hotel as one of the many sponsors of this Fundraiser and for those outside Belize City, The Biltmore Hotel has offered a special “Fundraiser” room rate for the night of December 01. If room reservations are needed, please contact the Biltmore Plaza Hotel directly for room reservations. Please refer to the “Fundraiser special room rate”.

Donations gratefully accepted by persons wanting to support these programs but not able to attend.

For more information on ticket sales locations,
contact Caves Branch: 822 2800 or email: [email protected]