from a friend...
The widely publicised "Bottom Dollar" store across from Holy Redeemer
Church opened this morning for its first day of business. It is an
attempt by the Santiago Castillo group - the major
importer-distributor in Belize - to go head to head with the Indian
and Chinese merchants that have been eating away at traditional Belize
retails outlets from the bottom up.

I thought the AC must have been broken from day one as the owner Santi
was obviously sweating while he was being interviewed on camera. And
shoppers on camera were obviously perspiring. Then Santy said they had
taken the decision not to air condition this newest supermarket. The
electricity rates are a killer!

Most shoppers agreed the prices were high, and they can get better
deals at the Indian and Chinese retail outlets. And they complained about
the heat. But they said the new store was cleaner and had more space.

So maybe go shopping at night - if you can risk down town Belize City.

So for now Save U (owned by San Cas) and Brodies (highway edition) are
the only air conditioned super markets with free private parking in
the old capital. Romacs has been turned into a raucous Indian
miniature mall, and Brodies downtown is hot as usual.