Guatemala, Belize Review Old Row

Guatemala, Mar 23 (Prensa Latina) Representatives from Guatemala and Belize are meeting in this capital to negotiate a way out for the 100-year-old bilateral dispute.

Guatemalan Foreign Minister Jorge Briz and Belizean Ambassador Assad Shoman are heading the closed-door talks.

The parties agreed to start with the analysis of the maritime issue which, they consider, has the best chances of reaching positive agreements in less time.

Honduras, which shares the Caribbean Sea with Guatemala and Belize, was invited to attend the maritime negotiation, as the three countries need to reach a consensual demarcation of their territorial waters.

The Belizean jurisdiction of its isles, excluding that of St. George, and the return of about 4.633 square miles to Guatemala are also included in the meeting´s agenda.

Despite differences of opinion, the two countries have expressed willingness to seek a fair solution to their long standing dispute.