The following is a list of old Belizean characters. It includes inputs by several BZCulture group members. If
there are any other old names and characters that you recall, let's add them
to the list. This is not intended to make fun of anyone, but simply to
remember the good old times.

Aunt Marie - Dingers nanny and made the most delicious lemon curd tarts for
children's parites

Baron Bliss - handcrank wheelchair

Bero - rode horses at the barracks/laughed just like one

Bradda Roy - use to sell sweets, fruits, etc. from a cart in front of Holy

Brother Jake - Holy Redeemer boy scouts

Bug - miasi bug

Buns - mulecart operator with large mules

Cassa - Policeman with cane

Catate - another original battyman

Chicken - wizened old story weaver, with a pet machete

Chicky-chick - spitter and founder of the BAKC (Belizean Association of Kaka

Choati - another original battyman

Cleavey - Big tief who folks say could run faster backwards than most folks could run forward.

Corner Shot - paraplegic fisherman-fished alone at Barracks

Day Ghost - albino

Diggy-batty-ruby - self explanatory

Dil-lo - Another original battyman. Use to always go around saying egg,egg,egg,egg. Supposedly because he used to tief eggs.

Don Marin - old man, vender at Holy Reedeemer

Dummy - deaf mute, operated the Bunny M.

Fr. Sullivan - drove around the Fort at night flashing a light in couples

Florine - beggar lady, wore layers of clothes and a brown felt hat

Fresh Dead - funeral parlor owner and maybe necrophiliac

George Mckenzie - voice behind Anansie stories on Radio Belize

Greasy man - shaved/greased/cat burglar

GUILTY - use to sell pepitos all over Belize City

Harold Shealy/DeShield - likeable drunk from St. Georges Caye

Hilly Lewis - gardener who could manicure a yard with a machete and could
always find manure for the ladies flower beds

Jackie Vasquez - great white hunter & botanist. Knew all native plants by
their scientific names.

Jack Slade - Mista Aspinal (blak til e blue til e shine). Taught Spanish at

Joe Young - legendary fisherman, harpooner & shipwright

John-Little-John - colorful renegade type always running from something

Johnny - midget

Johnson Sisters - de wan ya use to ker out sleck pan

Kobuh - derelict/allegedly from Ireland

Mackay - owned the Bunny M.

Major May Lamb - the best cook in town, kept other domestics in line hence
the name

Masked Man - covered up in a disguise/bicycle cart

Mavis - another drunk; sell the ting fi shilling

Merengue Kid - Yard cutter who use to do tricks with his machette

Mr. Parks - owned the boat Mermaid

National Velvet - lady of the evening, morning & afternoon

Necktie Jesus - dis wan use to heng out by city council and weer som ches

Nice and Nasty, used to sell food at bridgefoot. Good food, not so good

Obeah Man - dis da mi wan krazy rass balli. Use to live bak a Ebenezer

Pandy - cab driver/Harry Bellafonte wannabe

****a-bed - old drunk who always smelled like ****

Quashie Man - Belizean term for a rapist.

Ramsey - East Indian mulecart operator/gospel preacher

Rudy Cabral - cross dresser and another original

Seferino Claudino Coleman - clown act and maybe another original

Shadow - ebony skinned man with large ivory teeth

Shekle - mulecart operator with small mules

Skinny - walked the streets with wild animals for sale

Smell **** AKA Bredda Roy - Name self-explanatory. Use to heng out front a Distributors.

Tablada - the police man whe pull u ova fi traffic stuff

Titiwaya - mulecart operator with very small mules

Tools - boxer, ABC/XYZ, laughs like a mule

Trussa - little children were told he would take them away

Vivi - washed clothes in Foreshore water, hung them on the fences, business
slogan = "---- you fi 5 cents"

Walter - tongue pan chest

Whitey - Dr. Andrews sheep that chased and butted many into the Foreshore

Willy Wiley - ice cream parlor operator

Winis - beggar woman & maybe Greg's prom date


La Llorona traumatized me since childhood. Even currently I still get scared speaking of her.

I remember this was a guy who wore a mask over his face and at night-time robbed folks in Belize City. A regular burglar. But in those days when people were not afraid to leave doors and windows open to catch the breeze in the evening, this mask man thing created quite a stir. I cannot recall if they ever caught the burglar, but I also remember that "mask man wah ketch yu" was used by parents to scare children into obedience when it was necessary.

Maybe I've gone back too far; but don't confuse this burglar "mask man" with another gentleman a little later who wore a mask all the time he was in public, day or night. They called him "mask man" too. He rode a bicycle or bicycle cart. He was said to have a disfigured face. I do not know if he is still alive, but I found out he had vitiligo. He was a businessman and not at all of a nefarious character. But yes, kids were afraid of him too.

The "Masked Man" I knew was always covered from head to foot. He wore
rubber boots all the time and always wore long pants and long-sleeve shirts.
He wore a rubber mask over his face. All you could see was his eyes.
I've never confirmed it but I was told my the older folks back then that
this individual was badly burned all over his face and body and thus the
reason for his garb.

This individual used to own a bicycle cart and transported groceries and
other stuff from place to place. I don't believe he was robbing anyone at
night. If that were really the case, he would have long been arrested and
taken off the streets.