Calling all drag queens!

This next story needs little introduction other than to say that if you are easily confused regarding issues of gender and sexuality you would do well to stay close to home this Saturday night. Our entertainment reporter has more.

Janelle Chanona, Reporting
True to its design, the flier announcing this weekend's Drag Queen competition grabs the viewer's attention and doesn't let go.

Errol Swift, Organizer, Drag Queen Competition
"Da just entertainment. The guys deh whe deh tek part, some ah deh straight and some of them you know, but the bottomline da just clean fun. So once you know you have a negative idea bout the guys deh, no come."

According to organizer Errol Swift, the show will run like any other beauty pageant.

Errol Swift
"We wah have the guys inna formal wear, inna deh two piece, inna deh swimsuit, dat wah be a good thing fu the females and dat da bout it, the judges wah deh deh. We me wah the audience be part of the judging you know. I think the Drag Queen thing dah wah difference mein, I think Belize should come out and see it."

Drag queens took centre stage in the Hollywood hit "The Birdcage" but with homophobia alive and well in Belize, Swift admits marketing the event has been a challenge.

Errol Swift
"I no wah people think Big Apple dah deh type ah club or like that you know. Da just entertainment, you notice ah deh specify entertainment you know. So dat dah bout it love."

Janelle Chanona
"Have you had to do that, specify entertainment otherwise people neva meh ah support you?"

Errol Swift
"Yes, I had to do that. I no cater fu man, I cater for the females and I explain to the females when I go ker me fliers da just clean fun you know. We wah lot a female come out, dat ah weh we want. Because you know man no into left-handed man you know. But da just entertainment Belize, da just entertainment."

Reporting for News Five, I am Janelle Chanona.

Despite what the flier says, this is in fact the second official Drag Queen Competition to take place in Belize, the first being held at the Odyssey Night Club. The show is set to take place at the Big Apple Night Club on Regent Street West at ten on Saturday night. Entrance is fifteen dollars.