Milpa Pride Rice
by Government of Belize Press Office

Posted: May 4, 2007 18:48 UTC

BELMOPAN - The Belize Marketing and Development Corporation
last week-end launched its Milpa Pride rice brand.

The new brand was developed to highlight and showcase the
value of the rice that is delicately produced by the Milpa
farmers of the Toledo district. Being that the rice grown
by Milpa rice farmers is a long-grain rice, the
rice-and-beans or white rice when cooked is more loose,
fluffy and grainy.

This rice is naturally grown as no inorganic fertilizers or
pesticides are used to produce it. The rice is sold in 20
and 50-pound bags.

By purchasing the Milpa Pride rice you will be contributing
toward the development of the Toledo milpa rice sub-sector.