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With a newly inaugurated swimming pool, Portofino Resort invited Ambergris Today to experience their new Wednesday Beach BBQ which includes a free diving lesson with lunch. Portofino is giving you the opportunity to start learning how to dive by simply buying lunch.

The pool at the resort is big; a perfect relaxing place especially for tourists and it is perfectly designed for diving lessons as it varies in depths1. Decorating the center is an isle oasis with coconut trees.

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What Portofino has done is team up with Ecologic Divers to provide free introductory diving lessons which they are marketing as "Try-Diving" with your purchase of lunch on Wednesdays.

Stephen Lee, Marcos Alamina and Gilbert "Chino" Alamilla give an introduction to diving and teach each individual how to use the diving equipment, equalize under the water and then take them for a little tour around the pool. This is a perfect jump start to your diving education. Of course, if you are interested in furthering your knowledge of diving and certifying yourself you can do so by obtaining further training at Ecologic Divers.

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BBQ Wednesdays at Portofino is an excellent choice to enjoy grouper, pork chops or chicken breast. The finger-licking Barbecue portions are served with beans, with either rice or flour tortilla and potato salad. The grouper is only $25, pork chops an unbelievable $20 and for the chicken breast it's $15. If you are not in the mood for BBQ you can also choose from their extensive menu.

Portofino offers other great breakfast, lunch and dinner options with refreshing drinks at their Green Parrot Beach Bar. Don't know how to get to Portofino on North Ambergris Caye? There is FREE transportation available provided by the resort. The skiff departs Fido's Dock at 12:00p.m. and 1:30p.m. and departs Portofino at 3:00p.m. and 5:00p.m. For reservations feel free to call 220-5096 or 678-5096. (by Eni Gonzalez, San Pedro High School Work Experience Intern)