Hi All,
Have just finished some updates regarding the SPBA. Whenever I update the website I send an email out with it. I'm not sure that everyone is receiving the emails however. I send about 1 or 2 a month. If you haven't gotten any updates please contact me at either info@sanpedrobusiness or [email protected] and we can try to figure out whats up (most likely issue is that your email is sending me to your spam folder...)

Anyways, on to the updates:

Little League starts this coming Friday (April 11). It was scheduled to start last Friday, but Elito is getting bleachers installed first. Not sure when the work party for that is going to be, i'm assuming sometime this week. A list of donators is up on the SPBA site (http://sanpedrobusiness.com/news/) thanks to all who donated.

Don't forget that the Lagoon-Reef Eco Challenge is coming up on the 26th and 27th of April. A Beach Block Party is being held at the finish line in Central Park. Booths are available - Contact Rebecca for details. The Party will feature live music and DJs, A Grilling competition, a Bartender/Best Drink competition, Games, Prizes, Flipper Races, Face Painting, Musical Chairs and lots more. http://ambergriscayeecochallenge.com/

The dates & events for Lobsterfest 2008 have been announced. The full listing is available at these locations:

Booth space for the Block Party on 21st is now available to be booked on a first come, first serve basis. There are 2 "levels" for the booths this year. Regular Booth Locations are $350 and the Premium Booth Locations are $500.

If interested, please contact us to book your booth locations.

Also, nominations for the Lobsterfest King and Queen are now being accepted. Again, please contact us with your nominations.

Contact the SPBA at 226.4474 or the e-mail listed above