I need to get this off my back.
I was staying at the Copa Banana in March 2006. When I returned to the hotel from a drive to town I noticed a lot of police. The owners of the Copa Banana were in handcuffs laying on the ground as was 1 other guest. The police informed me to stay off the property while they were there. Turns out the DEA had checked in and made friends with the owners to investigate them for the local police. When the time was right the local police swept in and raided the Copa Banana. A crack pipe was found along with Marijuana and other smoking devices. The 1 guest was using drugs along with the owners at the time of the bust. The owners along with the guest were hauled off to jail without bail until Monday morning. Some older gringo lady who seemed drunk came to take over for the weekend. I checked out the same day out of fear. Everyone in Corozal Town knew about the drug bust. The locals told me that 1 month before the owners of the Copa Banana were busted on the road from Consejo Shores with 5 vehicle loads of goods smuggled from Chetumal, Mexico, by boat. This put them on the police radar and caused the closing of the Consejo Customs Compound and stopped Consejo boat trips to Chetumal, Mexico. I was also informed that a local drug dealer woman by the name of Sandra Williams was tortured and murdered in what now houses the Copa Banana.