Prince Harry is arriving in Belize tomorrow March 2nd on the first leg in a whirlwind Caribbean Tour. Preparations for his visit are well underway and include a collaborative effort amongst Tourism Board, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Government Press Office. Police and security officials have also been preparing for the Prince’s coming.

Miguel Guzman, Senior Superintendent
Half an hour prior to him moving from the airport, we will close off a portion of the Northern Highway, from the area of Manatee Drive to the North Highway. We will still allow traffic to proceed into Manatee Drive and those people living in the Vista Del Mar area in the event they want to go to their homes, but the area from that junction unto the airport junction will be closed off. Likewise, all the main streets in Ladyville will be closed off. So it will create some inconvenience. Friday is usually a busy day for commuters, because people are trying to reach back home after work, so it will create some inconvenience. Therefore we are asking the public to bare patience with us. After the Prince leaves the airport, and gets unto the Barrel Boom road and the Western Highway, again that portion of the road will be closed off. At that point we will reopen the Northern Highway, so that the traffic will continue. So we are looking at somewhere between twenty minutes to half an hour that we will create some inconvenience to the general public and the road users.

The visit is a big budget production with a lot of fanfare. Belmopan is prepping for an audience with the British Royal and the Cohune Walk Boulevard was being readied today in anticipation of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Celebration. The Block party for the renaming of the boulevard, to Queen Elizabeth II Boulevard, will be held from 4 pm – 10pm. He is also scheduled to make a visit to the Adjacency Zone as well as the Xunantunich Maya Ruin on Saturday.