Police Paradigm Shift

And those rigorous figures will serve him well under the new regime of performance based accountability that's taking over the Police Department. Yesterday Minister of National Security John Saldivar met with the new Police Commissioner, Allen Whylie and all formation commanders from around the country to quote, "offer ministerial guidance and direction going forward."

According to an official release, "there was a comprehensive revision of goals and strategies, as well as a full analysis of crime statistics." We note that though we have been asking repeatedly for it, those crime statistics have not been provided to the media. But…that's another story. Interestingly, the release says that quote, "specific benchmarks and timetables were agreed for measureable reduction in crime and for successful investigation and prosecution in respective areas." The release says that Commanders will quote, "be held responsible for ensuring that the targets are met within the specific timetables."

This will be ensured by monthly meetings of zone and branch commanders; and quarterly meetings of senior leaders, to review the latest crime statistics.

The release adds that quote, "Where there is a clear failure to achieve the required results within the stipulated timetable, the Ministry and Department reserves the right to replace those commanders with other individuals deemed competent to get the job done." We note that this is the first time we've heard police talking about strict performance based appraisals and accountability.

Channel 7