And while agriculture is now immortalized with its own phone book cover shot, poultry production is also a major part of Belize fresh food profile. You might not know wit but Belize eggs and chicken are among the cheapest and most high quality in the region. Tonight, the Belize Poultry Association is holding its 17th Annual General meeting to discuss its fortunes in the past year.

According to the numbers, Belizeans consume over one hundred pounds of chicken per year:

Orlando Habet - Manager, Belize Poultry Association
"Today on the production of the poultry, we are growing little at a time, very little because Belize consumes a lot of poultry. We had been up to 110 lbs which was per person per year chicken meat and now we're at 105 lbs of chicken meat per person per year, which sounds like it has gone down a little bit but that's just what was reported from the commercial production. Those figures does not account for the other chicks that are raised by small farmers who do not afford to get a production, so putting all of it together we're possibly a lot lower than under 10lbs per chicken meat per person per year. Eggs, we are covering over 160 eggs per person per year. That is particular important because for our people who do not have a daily means to buy other expensive proteins, eggs is one of the cheapest form of proteins, also the most complete form of proteins."

And while consumption of commercial chicken is slightly down - in an aside, we note that sales of Ramen noodles are up.

It's got nothing to do with the poultry association, but 7news has learned that Belizeans consume over 42 thousand cases, or 960 thousand single packs of Ramen noodles per month.

That's almost a million packs per month, or three for every Belizean man, woman and child! That's according to the sole importer of the popular product for the past 14 years.

He told us that since 2006, his sales have been trending upwards. Ramen noodles are typically sold for 50 cents a pack and are a major source of carbohydrates and a belly-full for persons on small food budgets.

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