Wildtracks is a non-profit organization that aims to conserve Belize’s endangered species and educate people about the importance of sustaining these species. Their mission, “working towards the sustainable future of the natural resources for the people of Belize, through conservation, research, education and sustainable development,” is upheld with their constant successful rehabilitations of both the Antillean Manatees and two species of primates: Black Howler Monkey and Spider Monkey.

One of Wildtracks’ goals is to build a primate nursery unit for the eight baby monkeys at the center. Founders of Wildtracks, Paul and Zoe Walker, estimated the cost for the nursery at $18,500 Bze. The Protected Areas Conservation Trust (PACT) has eased Wildtracks’ burden by granting them a Support Grant of $10,000 Bze. This grant received from PACT will now allow Wildtracks to commence construction on the much needed nursery.

PACT was established in 1995 to provide funds for organizations that support conservation and promote Belize’s environment and natural resources. Pact is financed by fees collected from travellers who pay a $7.50 Bze Conservation Tax when departing the country and 20% commission from cruise ship passenger fees. It is of utmost importance for Belizeans to sustain their natural heritage and preserve it for the future generation of Belizeans, and organizations such as PACT and Wildtracks are geared towards educating and aiding in this preservation.

Wildtracks still requires $8,500 Bze to complete the project. Wildtracks has officially started a fundraising drive to collect this amount. Those who wish to donate may visit Wildtrackswebsite at www.wildtracksbelize.org or call 501-650-6578. No donation is too small for this worthy cause.

San Pedro Sun