Without a doubt the progress of the Sugar Industry is one of interest to all Belizeans especially Northenos. This is based on the fact that when the industry catches a cold the trickle effect is felt especially here in the north.

But all indications are that the 2013/2014 crop season, despite some minor hiccups, has gotten off on the right foot. Since the start of the crop on January 24th, to date, the factory has milled 18,400 tons of cane producing 1,702 tons of sugar. It's much less than last year when the factory milled 53,305 tons producing 4,908 tons of sugar.

The good news is though, that compared to last year, less mud is being extracted from the cane. Moving on to a very important figure, TCTS, or tons cane per ton sugar, stands at 10.81.This, according to BSI/ASR is very encouraging. Last year during the same time frame TCTS stood at 10.69. We here at CTV3 News will keep our viewers informed on the progress of the crop through our weekly crop review scheduled to commence next week.