25 Traffic Enforcement Officials from around the country participated in the first of a 2 day training on road safety and enforcement.

It’s being conducted by facilitators from a Danish company, SWeROAD, and it will focus on a wide range of topics aimed at making the Country’s roads a safer place to drive.

7News stopped in to find out what the international trainers were presenting to the traffic officials. Here’s what one of the organizers told us about it:

Evan Dakers - Representative, Social Investment Fund
"There is a number of activities will be taking place. Today's workshop is focusing on issue of communication with road users. We have been trying to get the police officers and traffic wardens to understand that there are proper ways of speaking to road users, and of course, there are not-so-good ways of doing it. But, I think what is even more important - and that will be done tomorrow because this is a 2-day - tomorrow, they will be introduced - or maybe re-introcuded in some cases - to the use of breathalysers. That will be an opportunity for those drivers who are driving under the influence of alcohol to be put on warning. In other words, there will be the distribution of breathalysers, and all the traffic warders and traffic officers will be able to utilize these equipment. So, I think that we are hoping that with the use of the breathalysers, there will be a definite reduction in road traffic accidents and so forth."

Those breathalysers are in the process of being purchased by the Ministry of Finance, and the hope is that it will allow the officers the ability to detect drunk driving.

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