Li Chee - it's only a Belize City fried chicken joint, but it's also a cultural fixture - immortalized in song and by the hundreds of patrons it once drew to line up outside burglar bars on Freetown Road. But at the end of last year, the bars were gone, and the Chinese restaurant owners seem to have hit the big time when they opened a ways down the road, in a fancy, air conditioned buffet style setting. In terms of looks and the customer experience it was a welcome upgrade, but in terms of business, apparently not. The buffet was the first thing to go - that only lasted a few months - and now, less than 6 months after it opened, the New Li Chee has closed down! Best part is, the operation has moved back down the street - to the original location - only now it is named Key Ley, not Li Chee. How do we know it's the same operation? Well, first off, we bought the chicken and the flavor is the same. And second, the workers are the same ones from the previous location. They were even wearing the same uniforms they had been using at the fancy spot. When we asked them about it, they told us that the other Li Chee down the road is only closed for remodeling.

We'll take that one with a grain of salt - or, since its Li Chee, we might say a grain of MSG.

Channel 7