Belize’s most Western Municipality, the Town of Benque Viejo del Carmen, now has a brand new market. A marching band ‘Ciencia y Tecnologia’ from Melchor de Mencos entertained Benque residents on Monday night of this week at the entrance of Benque Viejo, preceding the informal opening of the new market in Benque Viejo.

In his brief presentation to residents on Monday night, Mayor of Benque Viejo del Carmen Miguel Velasquez thanked the people of Benque Viejo and informed them that the market is now theirs, for them to use. Mayor Miguel Velasquez informed the Guardian that families are now free to congregate within the plaza at the new market.

“I am satisfied that the new market will be benefiting everyone,” says Chelsy Hernandez, Benque Viejo’s Queen ‘Flor de La Feria.’

The Benque Market was built with the support of the European Union and the Government of Belize under the Belize Rural Development Project Two at a cost of about $680,000.00

A more formal opening of the Benque Viejo Town market will be held early next year as a high ranking European Union representative is now being awaited.

According to Pietro Nardi from the EU Delegation Technical Office in Belize, The Belize Rural Development Program’s (funded by the European Union) main objective is to alleviate poverty in Belize on the one hand, through improvement of economic opportunities for local communities, on the other hand, to do this by enhancing local trade by improving local infrastructure and the services provided. In this framework it includes construction and upgrading of markets in Benque Vejo, Independence, Punta Gorda and Belmopan amounting to around $3,800,000 BZD writes Pietro Nardi. All these markets will be officially opened in the months to come.

The Guardian