Dear Editor:

I am writing as I am looking for any family that I may have in Belize. My name is Raymond Willis Oliver. I live in England and was born in Newcastle Upon Tyne, England, to a woman named Dorothy Willis who was born on 2nd Feb 1941. She had a daughter named Lorraine in 1961 who died and another 2 daughters born in Newcastle Upon Tyne, England, one born 4th June 1967 named Tanya.At the time Dorothy was known as Dorothy Willis, formerly Bishop and the father was from Belize. His name was Thaddeus Rexford Gillett.

The other daughter was born on 2nd April 1962 named Juanita, same father and mother but at that time Dorothy was known as Dorothy Gillett. Dorothy Willis and Joseph Gillett married at the civic centre, Newcastle Upon Tyne, England on 15th June 1968. I heard that Dorothy, Thaddeus, Juanita and Tanya went to Belize in 1968.

I heard that Dorothy and Thaddeus were legally separated in 1971 or 1972. Dorothy moved to Belize City living in a small hotel for 2 years before moving to USA it is thought and Thaddeus also known as Teddy, moved with my two sisters to live in Corozal town with a common law wife whose name I don't know. Teddy died and my 2 sisters continued to live with the common law wife until possibly 1979. After that I have no information.

I know it is sketchy but if you could possibly publish this and if anyone could contact me on [email protected] I would greatly appreciate it. I will be visiting Belize this April-May.