Belize Music: Maya Pax
Maya Pax is a traditional Maya Music played by the Maya of Northern Belize . Maya Pax is used for traditional festivals like the dancing of the U Pool k'eek'en(Hoghead dance) . La Banda de San Jose was very popular and the most known Belizean Maya Pax bands . This is a video of the Maya of San Jose Palmer of Orange Walk . The Yucatec Maya(Maya Mestizo) is a dying culture in northern Belize but the people are struggling to preserve their history,culture,language and traditions.
The Yucatec Mayas are found in Corozal,Orange Walk and Cayo. The Yucatec Maya may also identify as "Maya,Masewal,Maya Masewal,Maya Mestizo or Mayero "
Documentary of the Yucatec Mayas of northern Belize
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