he unseasonal excessive rainfalls experienced during the months of January and February 2018 has impacted agriculture and food production in particular grains, fruits, root crops, and vegetables. The Ministry of Agriculture has conducted a damage assessment in a number of farming areas to ascertain total damages and losses, however as the rains continue it is still a developing event.

Preliminary reports to date indicate that there is a shortage of lettuce, cauliflower, and broccoli on the market. In an effort to meet local demand and while local production normalizes, the Belize Marketing and Development Corporation (BMDC) will be allowed to import shortfalls for the next two weeks.

Profits made by Belize Marketing and Development Corporation from these temporary imports will go towards recovery relief provided to affected farmers.

Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries, Forestry


From a friend....

The Springfield Community is having a very hard time. Many crops eg celery already ruined and potatoes threatened. The dilemna is if they crop now, the potatoes are encrusted in mud and washing by hand is a lengthy process. If they do not crop now, they risk mildew and rot. I think most people are bringing in a few at a time.. Not good as potatoes are a main cash crop here.