My wife and I returned yesterday from a 10 day trip to Houston for medical appointments which all went well.
Before we left we had rapid Covid tests at BMA/Grande Caribe which we discovered in the US were not acceptable. We needed PCR tests which are not available on AC in a timely fashion.
We traveled out on a Tuesday and there was hardly anyone in the BZ airport, or on the plane. Perhaps 20% of normal travelers. Quite pleasant.
Arriving in Houston and going through Customs was fast and easy.
Returning home we were unable to get Covid tests in Houston because of our scheduling. So we opted to get them in Belize at the airport. It was great. All the personnel were terrific and the entire process from start to finish was completed in less than 30 minutes. And we were on our way. I had anticipated chaos, but that was not the case. And there was another plane that arrived just before we did.
Our compliments to everyone who thoughtfully designed the process and all the personnel who were personable and wonderful in executing the testing!