USAID-funded InfoSegura strengthens data management and administrative capacity of the Belize Crime Observatory

The Ministry of Home Affairs & New Growth Industries today received US$15,205 worth of Information Communication Technology (ICT) Equipment,

including a high-powered Dell server, 3 Dell workstations, with high-quality monitors, procured under the USAID-funded “Evidence-Based Information Management for Citizen Security in Central America and the Dominican Republic” Project (also known as the InfoSegura Project).

The ICT equipment was handed over to the Ministry of Home Affairs & New Growth Industries for the Belize Crime Observatory (BCO), which serves as the national repository of crime data and information. The USAID-sponsored ICT procurement satisfies urgent needs outlined in the BCO’s Strategic Action Plan (2020-2023) and provides a sophisticated ICT framework for the BCO to advance its work in support of its multi-disciplinary stakeholders and the realization of Belize’s multi-agency Crime Intelligence Architecture.

The InfoSegura project supports interventions and policies that aim to strengthen crime and justice data platforms both nationally and regionally, including working to support the formulation of evidenced-based policies and decisions. The project is being implemented in Belize by the United Nations Development Programme, with the Ministry of Home Affairs & New Growth Industries as the Implementing Partner.