Unlike Belize, where Queen Elizabeth II is the head of state, close allies like Barbados have moved away from this system and cut ties with the British crown. As reports indicate Jamaica is next in line to ax Her Majesty from their government, the question among Belizeans now is whether Belize will follow suit. Prime Minister Honourable Dr. John Brice�o commented on this inquiry, hinting that if anything relating to the matter takes place in the country, it will first involve the opinion of the Belizean public.

While in Belize, a referendum to remove the Queen is not required, as a two-thirds vote in the House of Representatives could take care of the situation, Prime Minister Brice�o said Belizeans would be consulted on the matter. "In Cabinet, we agreed to set up the People Consultation Commission. This commission will be working for at least a year doing consultations; we want to hear the views from our citizens," said Brice�o during an interview on Tuesday, March 22nd, in the Orange Walk District. The prime minister added that the government has its own views of the situation with the British monarchy head of the Belizean government system. "Time, things change, we move on, and probably it is something that it is time for us to take a closer look at the governance, how we can deepen democracy, that is what this whole interaction is going to be," said Brice�o. However, he stated that the Belizean people must participate in this important movement whenever this conversation develops.

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