We report now on some of the official business that was addressed in today's House Meeting. One of them is the Briceno Government's Belize Constitution (Twelfth Amendment) Bill of 2022.

In this piece of draft legislation, the government wants to repeal and replace the laws governing Belize's Judiciary: The Supreme Court of Judicature Act and the Court of Appeal Act. As part of the reform of the judiciary, the government wants to establish a Senior Courts model that is more in line with the emerging trends in nations of the region.

But repealing those two laws governing the judiciary requires an amendment to Belize's constitution, which also requires a 75% majority in the House of Representatives. That bill passed after a division of votes, and here's that part of the meeting:

Francis Fonseca - Minister of Education
"Because this is a constitutional amendment, Madam Speaker, which requires three-fourths of the members of the House to vote in favor of it, for it to be valid, it is a requirement that we seek a division so that, for the legal record, it is clear that at least three-fourths of the members of the House have voted in support of this bill. So for that reason, I would like to ask for a division in respect of this bill."

Valerie Woods - Speaker, House of Representatives
"The results of the division are as follows: twenty-four, 'yes,' two, 'no,' and five absences for a total of thirty-one. The 'Is' have it."

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