by Nojoch m�ak Andy Chuc

" Itzam Cab aim ,so then it descended to it's task as the cornerstone of Earth and sky , walking to the four candles ,to the four divisions,when the world was black and without light. When there was not one day ,when there was not one night,when there was not one month .. Then they
perceived that the world was being created. Then creation dawned upon the world. During the creation thirteen infinite series <added> to seven was the count of thecreation of the world. Then a new world dawned for them ...the month was born with them, when the earth woke up, and when the sky and the earth, and the trees and the stones, were created. Everything was created by Yuum K'uj (our Father God) and by his word, where there was no heaven, no earth ,there was his divinity, which became a single cloud by itself and created the universe, and the heavens shook its divine and great power and majesty" - Books of Chilam Balam (Books of the Jaguar Prophet)

The books of Chilam Balam written by our Maaya w�inik (Yucatec Maya) ancestors contain alot of knowledge. The creation of the world is one of them . According to the chilam Balam in the Ka'an (Sky) there are the Oxlajun ti' k'uj (13 Maya Deities ) and in the underground Bolon ti' k'uj (9 Maya deities ) . Heaven is divided in 13 levels and is represented with the branches of the Ya'axche' (Ceiba ) and (Mitnal) underground divided into 9 levels represented with the roots . K'uj is a word in Maayat'aan to represent God or Deity . The God of Creation is Itzamnaj and is Oxlajun ti' k'uj.

"Oxlajun ti' k'uj and Bolon ti' k'uj created life and the world " - Books of Chilam Balam

The Books of Chilam Balam speaks of Junab Itzamnaj (Hunab Itzam Na ) as a "Unique Creator " . Also the word Junab K'uj "One God" is mentioned 4 times in the Chilam Balam of Chumayel and the term is also mention in the Dictionary of Motul . Itzamna and Janub k'uj are being discribed as being the same . Janab K'uj(Hunab Ku) was a translation in the Maayat'aan (Yucatec Maya language) created by the Catholic Priests in their attempt to convert the Maya Yucatec people to Christianity . The idea was to find similarities among the "One God" of Christianity and the Creator God of the Maya Yucatec which is Itzamnaj . Since Itzamnaj is considered as the father of all the other deities (Yuum k'uj) and the creator deity it is always represented as old . Old because it represents wisdom and Knowledge. A multifaceted God which in its celestial aspect is known as Itzam Tzab ,Itzam Yeh and Yaxcocahmut , in its divine terrestrial aspect is known as Itzam Cab Aim and Itzam Cab Kin . Itzamnaj is considered a force with multiple aspects, Combining the earth, heavens, and underworld .

"Our father ,who is God it was he who ordered the country: it was he who created the whole whole earth around " The Books of Chilam Balam- Chilam Balam of Chumayel

"Itzamn� Kauil shall rise. Our lord comes " - Books of Chilam Balam - Chilam Balam of Chumayel

God ,our lord ,the creator and more are different titles in the Chilam Balam of the great God Itzamnaj .Oral and written history like those found in the Books of Chilam Balam are considered important in the process of the preservation of our Maya Yucatec identity. As Maya Yucatec people we shall guard and transmit the knowledge to the future generations . To'one Masehualoon NGO have been working in the preservation of our language, history ,dances and of course spirituality in Belize .