It's part of the joy of a Belizean primary school recess, dashing to the snack cart and tearing open a brand-new pack of chips. But up until now your schoolyard snack likely came from either Mexico or Guatemala.

But that may be about to change because of a new locally produced line of corn chips.

It's Bowen and Bowen's newest offering, Snackerz, a line of what is right now, exclusively corn chips coming onto the market.

These corn chips are also the first of their kind made from Belizean raw materials and exclusively processed and packaged in Belize. Tonight we're giving you a first-hand look at how Snackerz goes from corn cob to chips bag and we're doing it all long before most Belizeans have ever even tasted the chip. Here's more:

Snackerz expects to expand its Snackers line to a wider range of snacks in the future.

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