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The Minister Blue Economy and Civil Aviation, Hon. Andre Perez along with Prime Minister, Hon. John Brice�o, visited the Neuland Mennonite community in Corozal where a potential new port could be built. The proposed port would provide a transportation hub for people who live on the mainland, but work in San Pedro Town, as well as reducing the costs of transporting goods from the mainland to the Caye.

The visit was part of the government's ongoing efforts to improve the infrastructure of the country's transportation systems while boosting economic activity in the area. The Neuland Mennonite community is in close proximity to San Pedro, making it an ideal location for the new port. The community has been seeking opportunities to improve their local economy, and the proposed port provides a viable option for them. The potential new port would not only benefit the residents of the Neuland Mennonite community but also the wider economy of the country, facilitating the movement of people and goods between the mainland and the island, supporting trade and tourism-related activities.

The visit of Minister Perez to the Neuland Mennonite community is seen as a significant step in the right direction as the government explores opportunities to drive growth and development across the country. The government is committed to finding solutions that will create economic opportunities for all Belizeans.