We are in the midst of a blood crisis and the Island Donors Squad is mobilizing the country to fill the needs of 7 people requiring 33 pints.

Stayin’ Alive Between the Drives

Island Donors Squad continues to work together with Adrian Martinez of Belize National Blood Transfusion Services.

Since our April 6 th drive, We have been able to authorize the release of seven pints of blood.Two of the three patients have recovered and been released. One, a 21 year old young man from Belize City is back in the hospital waiting for another pint of O-.

Both BNTBS and IDS agreed it is better to build our island reserves through regular blood drives in order to minimize the need for emergency drives.

One of our many big goals was recently accomplished to get emergency blood drive procedures in place for Ambergris Caye residents. It was also decided that we should not wait for an emergency. Instead we are setting a designated number so that when our Island reserve drops to 5 pints above our limit, the Squad will start planning an emergency drive. This way no one’s life is on the line waiting and it will help IDS keep a supply.

Two Sides Pan De Shilling

IDS recognizes both the challenges within the system, and difficulties of patients and their families.

We are working towards easing the burden of patients and families by assisting in finding the blood needed for a planned surgery or emergency.

  • Relieving stress from patients and families to have IDS help in their search for blood.
  • Helping younger people. We have a few that are self advocating for the blood they need. One is still a teenager.
  • The sooner we can help someone get blood, their hospital stay will generally be shortened which eases financial burden.

As for the system, one of the IDS founders tacogirl has seen years of frustration and public outcry for changes.

To help the system, IDS has set a slow and steady course to see how we can help starting with, increasing all district reserves by recruiting donors and organizing successful drives countrywide. One of our primary goals is to get all districts building stronger blood reserves for their people and the country.

World Blood Donor Day 2024 Honored Early in Belize

In honor of World Blood Donor Day (June 14th) Island Donors Squad is responding to a blood crisis. We are mobilizing the country to fill the critical needs of 7 people requiring a total 33 pints.

Join the Squad!

Enter the - World Donor Day 2024 Belize District Blood Donor Challenge.

The country is stepping up to help fill the need. Donors are following our Facebook page and registering daily.We have people stepping up from Cayo and Corozal who are ready to donate. Sadly our messages also reflect the country's need for blood is also growing too rapidly.

We will be assisting people in making donations from now until June 14th or all needs are filled.

We need countrywide donors immediately!

How to help:

  • Please see our top pinned Facebook post for the latest updates on the needs. https://www.facebook.com/IslandDonorsSquad/
  • Share the drive post and encourage your friends and family to help the Emergency Blood Drive.

To make a blood donation for a patient in need and bragging rights for your district, please Facebook message Island Donors Squad right now. Basic screening process and instructions will be given.

District Donor Leaderboard

Cayo is in the lead
Belize District is in second place
Corozal is in third place

Fb Message is with your blood donor information do get your district on the board.

And remember You can help make a difference in strengthening blood collection in Belize.