Get to know the Philip Goldson International Airport

The Philip S.W. Goldson International Airport, also known as the Belize International Airport is the busiest airport in the country. It was named after an influent politician who died back in 2001 and represents the main access point to the Belize for the several hundred thousand tourists who visit this beautiful Central American country each year.

Get to know the Philip Goldson International Airport:The new Philip Goldson International Airport was opened in 1990. An expansion project is currently undergoing at the airport, as the ever increasing number of passengers who pass through its gates caused the space to become insufficient. It is expected that the works on the airport will be finished by 2015. However, the works do not affect the flight schedule.

The main airport of Belize is situated in Ladyville, a village which has become part of Belize City. There are less than 10 miles from the Airport to the centre of Belize and the distance is covered by one of the main highways which cross the country. It is easy thus to travel from the airport to downtown Belize City and back.

The largest amounts of tourists arrive from North America, which is the country from where the great majority of international flights arrive. The airport is also the arrival point of flights from other Central American countries and from the Caribbean area.

Good to know about Philip Goldson International Airport:It is recommended to choose the Taxi service instead of the buses offered by the airport, which are insufficient and do not have a fixed schedule.

There are internet kiosks as well as public telephones located within the perimeters of the airport. The telephones accept credit cards or BTL calling cards. Internet kiosks accept credit cards as well as e-cards. If none of these methods work for you, then you should know that foreign currency is also accepted at two of the kiosks.

Porters are assigned to help passengers with their luggage, when their service is required. However, one must pay them for the help provided.

There is a tourist information desk located close to the Arrival Hall, which provides passengers with information regarding their stay in Belize.

The lost and found items are the responsibility of the Airport Security.

Several car rental companies are located at the Belize airport. Cars may be reserved before arrival, as they are subsidiaries of international car rental companies. Some examples are Avis, Pancho’s Auto Rental, Crystal Auto Rental or Jabiru Auto Rental.

Restaurants and bars are also available inside the airport building, on both terminals.

Whether you arrive in Belize after a two-hour flight from Miami or you live in Central America, we hope that this information regarding the Philip S.W. Goldson Airport will make your journey easier and more enjoyable.

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