Is it pretty simple to get from the Belize City airport to a taxi that will take you over to the water taxis?

There are a lot of taxis right outside the door when you leave the airport. Just make sure you agree on the price before getting in, should be $25 usd for 1 or 2 people with luggage & $5 each person after that. So if you are a party of 4 then it’s $35 for that cab ride.

If you want a cool seat on the water taxi on the top get in line early.

You may want to contact the hotel you will be staying at because they may have a taxi driver they work with that will be waiting for you there. It’s worth asking them.

Also when you get to the water taxi, guys will come get your bags and give you a receipt. It is normal.

If you’re concerned or just want to feel fancy, San Pedro Express (water taxi) offers airport pick-up and transfer services. More expensive, but easy!

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